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12.2.1 another update (to keep everybody on track)

Nov 21, 2017

Every active node started/paid before or 2 days after the release is paid again now, so payment cycle is complete and SPORK_10_MASTERNODE_PAY_UPDATED_NODES is ON meaning that only upgraded (12.2.x / 70208) nodes are going to be paid from now.

Why Bitcoin Cash When You Can Dash?

Nov 20, 2017

Note that transaction speeds are approximate and subject to change. Over the past 24 hours the average block time for Bitcoin Cash was 9 minutes and 21 seconds.

Dash Vs Ethereum – Will 2018 See Dash Finally Decimate ETH?

Nov 18, 2017

Big things are happening in the world of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in general. A trade war is coming. Some cryptos are going to be pumped and dumped and some are going to reach highs never before thought possible. What is more, it is becoming likely that the first...