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Alt Thirty Six Releases Project Update Video

Sep 07, 2018

Alt Thirty Six (Alt36), the POS system geared towards cannabis companies in the United States and partnered with Dash, has released their August update via video.

Ethos welcomes Dash to the Universal Wallet

Sep 05, 2018

It’s official! Ethos welcomes Dash to the Universal Wallet. By popular demand, UW users can now store, track, send & receive DASH

How Venezuela Came to Be One of the Biggest Markets for Crypto in the World

Sep 04, 2018

Venezuela has been living with hyperinflation since at least 2014. Its national currency — the Venezuelan bolívar — hit an official inflation rate of 57.3 percent in February 2014, while independent currency analysts were reporting that, by that September, the real inflation rate had already topped 100 percent. In other...

What is Dash? by Alt36

Aug 30, 2018

Using seamless Dash payment technology, we remove the confusion and complex processes associated with digital currency.

Neptune Dash to Launch MN Pooling Service for Dash Owners

Aug 29, 2018

Dash (DASH) is currently experiencing a strong price surge, rising about 20 percent in the space of 24 hours as news coming out of Venezuela indicates that it is experiencing a solid increase in adoption by users fleeing the bolivar’s six-figure inflation rate.

Dash DIP 5 has been released

Aug 29, 2018

Friends, community members, Dashers of the world: I’m proud to announce the release of DIP 5, which defines rules for registering usernames on the Dash blockchain. We refer to these username accounts as Blockchain Users (BUs). This builds upon DIP 2 and defines several special transaction types with payloads relevant...