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Why Governance is the Greatest Problem for Blockchains To Solve

Jul 16, 2018

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and in a blockchain that link lies in the form of its founders. Getting nodes to achieve consensus is easy compared to the difficulty of getting humans to achieve consensus. The greatest challenge that new blockchains must solve isn’t speed...

Dash now available on CoinFlip ATM + Monthly Giveaway

Jul 16, 2018

We’re excited to announce our partnership with @CoinFlipATM. With this new partnership, we have increased the number of Dash-supported ATMs within North America by 85%! To celebrate, Dash and CoinFlip are not only waiving all Dash transaction fees on all CoinFlip ATMs, but we are holding a monthly competition to...

This Week In Dash: July 9-14

Jul 14, 2018

It continues to be a great week in Dash with plenty of new developments, integrations, and overall news content! Continue reading to get a brief summary of the week.

Dash CEO Hints At Decentralized Investment Fund

Jul 13, 2018

There have been big leaps in blockchain governance: we’ve got decentralized organizations, smart contract voting, and even a decentralized state. Now, one cryptocurrency is trying to expand governance options by launching a decentralized venture capital fund. If successful, Dash Ventures will be the first investment fund virtually owned and operated by a...

Alt36 built a digital platform to connect dispensaries .....

Jul 13, 2018

Alt36 built a digital platform to connect dispensaries, suppliers and customers directly to the Dash network allowing everyone to transact within the Alt Thirty Six ecosystem without bank regulations and time consuming procedures.

What's going on at Dash (11th July)

Jul 12, 2018

In the spirit of radical transparency: area updates from our bi-weekly management meetings. In this way, you can follow the evolution of our organization and decision-making, as well as our product development. We hope you use this information to hold us accountable to our plans, learn with us, and contribute...