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Starting From Scratch | Zimbabwe (Frame48 - Dash Funded - KuvaCash)

Jun 24, 2018

After 5 life-altering economic crises, Zimbabwean citizens have hustled and strived to achieve a normal life, but the current system is filled with friction and impossible hurdles. Few viable solutions have been conceived, and the solutions that have come to the forefront drastically impact the amount of money Zimbabweans are...

Dash CoPay Release plan !

Jun 21, 2018

The Dash Core Group team is pleased to announce that we are preparing to launch the DashCopay wallet application on iOS and Android.

Dash Puts Science Research On The Blockchain

Jun 13, 2018

A new cryptocurrency project is planning to reinvent academic publishing, and help students get very “high” grades indeed. The Dash Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which dispenses community funds for the fourteenth-largest cryptocurrency, recently voted to begin funding for a project that will publish a cannabis genome to a blockchain – and...