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How Dash’s Free Market Approach Won the Governance Race

Apr 23, 2018

The top cryptocurrency project with a built-in governance system, Dash has for years stood as the gold standard in this field. As many new projects attempt to solve this great puzzle of how to run a decentralized autonomous organization, and other non-DAO coins run into consensus problems time and again,...

Dash Telegram is Back ; )

Apr 20, 2018

The Telegram Dash News Bot\ is finally back, please join\\

Neptune Dash Extends Fractional Masternode Ownership to US and EU Market

Apr 19, 2018

Neptune Dash went public in January of this year, raising over $CAD 23 mln and is publicly traded on Canada’s TSX-Venture Exchange. The proceeds from the company’s offering were used to buy Dash and set up masternodes. Shareholders in Neptune Dash effectively own a small percentage of the masternodes that...

Reasons Why New Investors Are Gravitating Towards Dash

Apr 18, 2018

While the other big guns of the cryptocurrency market are fiercely struggling with their stability and continuous downward trend, the ingenious cryptocurrency of Dash seems to have it the other way around. With time, this digital currency is gradually becoming one of the most potential cryptocurrencies in the world. With...

Chael Sonnen's FCFF (mixed martial arts) sponsored by Dash

Apr 14, 2018

Chael Sonnen’s FCFF is the longest running mixed martial arts promotion not named the Ultimate Fighting Championships. 15 UFC fighters honed their MMA skills and gained valuable fight experience in this cage before making it to the big join. Join commentators Nate Quarry and Rico Rodriguez and enjoy some great...