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Pawn Software Leader Bravo Pawn Systems Announces the Addition of Cryptocurrency

Feb 01, 2018

With the recent explosion of cryptocurrency, Bravo Pawn Systems is excited to be an early adopter of the virtual currency, and the first pawn software to support this new asset class. Bravo customers who utilize the company’s point-of-sale software for their pawn business will soon be able to accept cryptocurrency...

Dash Donations now accepted at #FreeRoss

Jan 30, 2018

“This case is the birth of law as applied to our digital future. Watch it as a spectator at your peril.”\ – Scott H. Greenfield, criminal defense attorney

Dash on RT Network with Max Keiser

Jan 28, 2018

Max and Stacy discuss the US jobs being added thanks to tax cuts. Max interviews Marco Santori, a lawyer specializing in cryptocurrency, about the latest legal issues in Initial Coin Offerings and other crypto markets. Check Keiser Report website for more:

Dash Digital Currency now Offered on Mercury Exchange

Jan 27, 2018

Digital currency Dash has announced that it’s now available on the US-based cryptocurrency exchange, Mercury Cash. The integration means Dash will join Ethereum on the exchange and will be available to buy and sell online via debit and credit card, said the company in a statement.