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Chat directly on the Dash blockchain

Nov 10, 2018

Chat directly on the Dash blockchain, have your thoughts immortalized for all time! Each message also generates a real transaction!

How Venezuela’s Collapse Is Spurring Cryptocurrency Adoption

Nov 09, 2018

Venezuela’s currency crisis has provided a unique use case for real-world cryptocurrency adoption. Well more than half of the 3,000-plus merchants worldwide who accept dash (DASH) are in Venezuela, and an additional 200 join the network every week, says Bradley Zastrow, global head of business development for the Dash Core...

Can Dash or the Petro save Venezuela from hyperinflation?

Nov 08, 2018

From the moment Venezuela announced its own state-backed digital currency, the petro has remained one of crypto’s biggest riddles, wrapped in a mystery, inside a socialist enigma. And while the government’s new website swears “the petro is a reality,” recent events have done little to change the perception that it...

Dash Stress Test Nov 11th 2018 (community run)

Nov 05, 2018

As many of you probably already know from Discord or we have reached our Donation Goal for the upcoming Dash Stress Test at its address: XuWHF7BvReYFEZrmGMqZJQbKxJyTWNP9Za We would like to thank the great community to help out, talk about this and all the mentions from Dash Force News, Reddit,...

Dash Launches SMS Payments Service in Venezuela

Nov 04, 2018

Venezuela, a Latin American socialist paradise where people eat zoo animals for lunch and dogs for dinner, is about to experience the warm embrace of the cryptocurrency Dash.