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Bitcoiner Charlie Shrem is Working on a Prepaid Dash Debit Card

Jul 03, 2017

Charlie Shrem was among the first who started to turn more focus on bitcoin when he founded BitInstant in 2011. Since the entrepreneur was doing business while a bitcoin was only worth a few dollars, not $2,600, his firm became on of the biggest on the market. According to Fortune’s...

Top 3 Upcoming DASH Developmental Changes

Jul 01, 2017

Cryptocurrency developers are always hard at work to bring new features to the community. It has been a while since we last looked at what is on the agenda for DASH enthusiasts. The year 2017 will introduce some more changes, all of which are quite interesting. The following three development...

PEOPLE OF DASH: Joshua, Evolution Front End Developer

Jun 28, 2017

In this new series, PEOPLE OF DASH, you’ll learn about the humans who are working behind the scenes to make Dash, the digital cash choice for the masses. Many of you may not be aware of the fact that Dash founder, Evan Duffield, just released the roadmap for Evolution, Dash’s...