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Kraken opens Dash (DASH) trading

Apr 12, 2017

Kraken is pleased to announce support for Dash (DASH). Dash is the fourth most valuable digital asset by market cap and recently experienced a huge surge in price (6x gain) and trading volume (10x gain). Dash has one of the fastest growing peer-to-peer networks and supports both “private” and “instant”...

Nerd Money Isn’t Just For Nerds Anymore

Apr 12, 2017

Nerd money. What is it? When you look up nerd money on Google, you get a variety of definitions: “The amount you put aside to go to comic-cons and buy nerdy shit.” — Urban Dictionary But this definition isn’t the one that I’ve been hearing about in the digital currency space recently....


Apr 10, 2017

Josh Seigler, currently a developer working on Dash Evolution and’s front end, gives his insights into what he calls “high quality money” and talks about upcoming developments in the Dash world.

Does your Enterprise have a Digital Currency Strategy?

Apr 05, 2017

The recent SEC decision on the ETF for the Winklevoss Fund had several communities around the world abuzz and bought to light Bitcoins and “altcoins” . Ever since its inception in 2008, Bitcoin the peer to peer digital currency has steadily grown into limelight. Importantly the underlying technology of Bitcoin,...