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Dash now added to crypto exchange Bitfinex

Mar 04, 2017

Dash, a cryptocurrency alternative to bitcoin, is being added to the world’s largest digital asset exchange in USD terms, Bitfinex. The platform addition came into effect at 1pm EST today, allowing traders to make online buys and sells between the third most valuable cryptocurrency, USD, and bitcoin (DASH/BTC & DASH/USD)....

Hello Mr. Ver ; )

Mar 03, 2017

“I did my first @Dashpay payment yesterday. I moved $100K for ~0.3 cents, and was confirmed in the next block. Bitcoin used to work that well”

- - Release - - (Maintenance Release - ALL USERS) --

Mar 03, 2017

ALL users are encouraged to update to ASAP. All 24/7 nodes (mining pools, masternodes, exchanges, merchants etc) should consider this update as a MUST. (no protocol bump, so all 12.1 MNs are paid - pre 12.1.3 have a risk of unexpected crash once spork2 is on again)

Dash Partners With Wall Of Coins

Mar 01, 2017

Dash is back in the news, dominating the daily feed in regard to digital currency dynamos. Boy, you would not have guessed this much traffic for anything other than bitcoin in the digital currency space about a year ago. It looks as though Dash is lighting the furnace under bitcoin,...

Two General Bytes DASH ATMs Go Online in Slovakia

Mar 01, 2017

The anonymity-focused cryptocurrency DASH, which became the third most valuable digital currency today when it reached a market capitalization of $229.2 million, recently got its first ATM machines in Bratislava, Slovakia.