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Dash Android Wallet - 12.1 Version Released

Feb 21, 2017

Hashengineering released version 12.1 for his known Dash Android Wallet after extensive Testing ,Tx to DashNationSlack, the Wallet is now supporting 12.1 for InstantSend (IS will be disabled until activated on the network.)

Privacy Crypto DASH Surges 10% to All-Time High of $23.88

Feb 20, 2017

Privacy-centric digital currency DASH - the sixth most valuable cryptocurrency in the world - rallied 10% today to an all-time high of $23.88. At approximately 11:40 EST on Sunday, the DASH/BTC exchange rate on U.S.-based exchange Poloniex hit a 176-day high of 0.0227.

Dash Rises Significantly Since January, Market Cap Nears $140m

Feb 18, 2017

Privacy focused cryptocurrency Dash has experienced a very strong rally recently. From the last time we reported on it Dash’s price has already increased about 20%, from under $16 to over $19.3. And in total, Dash’s market capitalization has soared 70%, since the start of the year, nearing a record...

Crypto Traders Flock to Altcoins Amid Bitcoin Price Malaise

Feb 17, 2017

With many crypto traders sitting on the sidelines and awaiting news from China, volumes for bitcoin, the market’s most highly traded asset, have seen a decline. Market participants traded 6,670 bitcoins through Bitfinex, one of the world’s largest exchanges by volume, in the 24 hours through roughly 21:30 UTC today,...