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Dash Core CEO on "Evolution", Venezuelan Adoption, Plans for Q4 & Beyond

Oct 09, 2018

Much of the conversation in the cryptocurrency space these days is dedicated to instituional investors. The push-me-pull-you saga of Bitcoin ETF approval has driven the price of BTC up and down for months; investors and institutions seeking a regulatory-sound way of entering the cryptocurrency markets.

Another FB SCAM

Oct 08, 2018

Another FB SCAM please report and do NOT fall for it !!

Does P2P Digital Cash Need P2P Infrastructure?

Oct 07, 2018

Cryptocurrency users bought into a world based on a single original concept: a peer-to-peer (P2P) electronic cash system. The key selling point of the technology is its ability to enable P2P transactions, where I can send a transaction directly to you without having to go through a service first, or...

Making Inroads With Venezuelan Merchants Thanks To Local Entrepreneurs

Oct 04, 2018

A group of Venezuelan businessmen has achieved what some believed impossible for a country in dire economic straits: they have popularized the use of the Dash cryptocurrency and have more than one hundred daily transactions recorded in shops as a means of payment, for goods ranging from sandwiches to automotive...